Timeshare Social Club

Where have your vacations taken you?

Share your vacation experiences.

Make new friends, rate resorts, tell us about your ownership company.

A social site for timeshare owners or for anyone that loves to vacation.

A site dedicated to people sharing their holiday experiences. ¬†It was created for you to keep in touch with old friends or make new friends. Share your vacation experiences with other like minded people, or share information about the best resorts you’ve stayed in. Or maybe, you would like to tell about your ownership company. More importantly, you can share and learn the funnest things to do once you get there so everyones vacations are easier.

We timeshare owners demand more from life. We strive for the best and enjoy life to the fullest. We expect the finer things and understand that friends, family, and seeing this beautiful world we live in, are what truly matters. Our experiences are unique and our memories are filled with wonder and amazement. We are world travelers that posses a knowledge of culture, language, and understanding that our non traveling piers lack.

We are a select group and as such we deserve to have a place for us. Timeshare Social club is a community that allows its users to share their, experiences and be a part of the Timeshare Social Club Community today.




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