A fairy tale of love and happiness

A Fairy Tale of Love and Happiness

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away there lived the most beautiful princess in the whole land.  This princess lived all alone in the highest tower in the castle. Sometimes she felt she must be a monster as no man in the kingdom had ever seen the beauty she possessed. Nor had they dared to be close to her.

Until one day a mighty dragon swooped down on the kingdom and plucked the beautiful princess from her tower, taking her far away from the only home she had ever known.
The King and Queen screamed in pain “Oh where is our beautiful princess?  How could such a horrible beast take her from us?”

The king summoned all the men of the kingdom. He gave orders to destroy the dragon and bring the beautiful princess back to the kingdom.  With hope in there thoughts and a song in their heart, the men rode into the dark night, never to be seen nor heard from again.

Until one day a handsome prince from another kingdom entered the now empty walls of the castle. His armor shone bright as he sat on his beautiful white horse.  He asked the remaining towns people what had become of the men in the kingdom and where he might find the beautiful princess he had heard so much about.  He informed them he was interested in the rich reward the king had offered for her return.

The townspeople could only point to the castle with tears in their eyes and continue along their way. So, the handsome prince rode into the castle hoping his answers and his fortune lay with the king.

The King, in tears, explained to the handsome prince what had happened to his beautiful princess and also of the men he had sent to look for her.  It had been so long now, he explained, that his kingdom was almost devastated from the losses he had endured. As a result, he feared he would never see his princess or his men again. He was willing to give anything, including his kingdom to anyone that dared to fight the beast and bring his daughter back to him.

The handsome prince vowed to the king that he would rescue the beloved princess. He would bring her back to the kingdom taking her as his bride and saving the kingdom from sure destruction.

Hearing of the handsome prince, the townspeople rallied, cheering his praise. The king waved with an excitement and anticipation he had not felt since the princess had been taken from him. And the handsome prince disappeared from their view.

He followed the trail left by the horses of the men that had been dispatched to find the beautiful princess.  He came to a clearing where an obvious battle had taken place and the trail abruptly ended.  A Rocky Cliff loomed in front of him and he saw a small hole with a figure standing in front of it. This had to be the home of the dreaded beast.

The Sky darkened as the shadow of the Dragon crossed his path. He looked up to find the winged creature looking down upon him.  It continued to the cave as the princess ran inside and took perch on the ledge watching the intruder below.  It appeared to look him in the eyes as it raised its wings and then followed the princess inside the lair.

Night fall quickly approached as the handsome prince reached the bottom of the cliffs. He decided a surprise attack in the middle of the night would be his best weapon against the beast.  It would be his best opportunity to fulfill his promise and bring the beautiful princess back to her father.

As he approached the ledge he had seen from so far below, he could hear movement above him and the sound of falling rocks around him.  He pulled out his sword and stood silently on the small ledge that now held the entire weight of his body. He starred into the darkness trying to detect any movement or sound praying the small ledge would stay sturdy.

A sudden flash of light burned his body as he watched the flames roar from the dragon’s mouth. It circled, hitting him again and disappears into the dark night sky.  He could feel his sword fall from his hands as his foot slipped from the perch. He was falling from the cliff that took him so long to climb. And there was no way of stopping.  He listened as the wind whistled through his ears and breathed in, fearing this would be his last breath.

When he awoke he found himself in the lair of the animal with wooden bars blocking his exit and a large group of men standing around him murmuring, “Is he the one?”  Is he the one of whom she speaks?”

He looked at the men and at the bones left behind from the meals they had eaten. He spied what he thought was the Princess in a separate cell across from them.  Her face seemed to glow from an internal light lurking inside of her as her eyes found his. He could feel his heart inside his chest.  It skipped a beat and then sped up as he saw her face light up with love and happiness.

His thoughts and visions were halted as the Dragon walked in front of his cell standing in front of him. “What are you planning to do with us?”  He yelled.  “And who is this ‘one’ that these men are talking about?”  “Release me from this prison and I will run you through with my sword.”

The Dragon looked at the man and a smile seemed to come to her face as she began to talk.  “My dear man, she said, the ‘one’ they speak of is you.  You see I am the last of my kind and I am no stranger to the feelings of loneliness and despair that the princess has felt her entire life.  I could hear her crying in the night and knew that although I could never fix this pain in my self that I could fix it for her.  I also heard you’re crying and asking for someone to come into your life; someone that you could love forever and would love you back.”

“You, my dear prince, are the man this woman shares a destiny with.  But if I would have waited for you to finally arrive in the kingdom, you both would have been too old to recognize each other.  I knew you would hear of the king’s plight. And I knew you would not be able to resist a challenge such as this.  Look around you dear prince.  Every man the king has ever sent here is with you now.  No harm has ever come to them and they have been well taken care of. If I do say so myself,” she chuckled looking at the men.

“At the mouth of the cave you will find all of your weapons and the climbing material you will require to get home.  You see, my dear prince, you are the one we have been waiting for.  What took you so long?  Make sure you don’t wait so long to make this princess your wife.”

With this the doors of their cells burst open and the dragon flew into the night sky allowing the men as well as the princess to go free.”

“It’s time sire.” The servant reminded the handsome prince as he was looking at his beautiful white suit in the full length mirror in front of him.  He turned smiling at him,  “Okay, I’m ready.”

They walked through the corridor and into the court yard. Both the towns people of his land as well as the towns people of  the princess’s land had gathered to witness this special of days.

He gazed at his princess from across the court yard and smiled as he saw here glowing face next to her father and family.  He had after all kept his promise and brought the princess home safe with all of the men of the kingdom. As word spread, he became known as a hero across the lands. Being a man of his word, the king happily gave his kingdom to the handsome prince.  His marriage to the princess today would merge the two kingdoms into the greatest kingdom ever known and would mark the holy reunions of the lands.

The music began to play and the crowd cheered as he and the princess joined hands. They smiled at each other and began walking down the aisle where they would take their vows.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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