We were living in Woodland Park.  I’m not sure if I was working construction at that time or if I was working in Cripple Creek. If I remember right, I had purchased my first cell phone. I think I gave the excuse that I needed it in case I was working and your mom went into labor, but in reality, they were just too cool.  Expensive but cool.

I remember this because she forgot to call and tell me she was in labor.  I don’t remember what time I got home. But when I did she informed me she had been in labor all day.  It was about an hour and a half drive from our home to the hospital. Your mother might have thought we had enough time, but I thought you were going to be born in the car.

I was in the driver’s seat and she lay in the back of the car yelling every time she had a contraction.  The pedal was to the metal and I hoped a police office would pull me over so
I could have him escort us to the hospital. But there’s never a cop around when you need one.

We pulled in front of the emergency room at the hospital.  I ran inside finding a nurse that followed me outside with a wheelchair. We helped your mom out of the car and placed her in the wheelchair. I think I was in mild shock as well and I remember her saying something like your head was already breaching.  I jumped into the car to go park it.  It was an emergency entrance and I couldn’t leave it blocking the entrance.

When I ran into the hospital a nurse directed me to a room. I remember you lying on the bed with no one else around you. You were clean and the umbilical cord had already been cut. The birth had to have happened within minutes if not seconds of me dropping off your mother.

I picked you up and held you in my arms as a nurse appeared and commented about how I must be the father and scuttled me towards the nursery.  You looked like an elf and Ithought you were the ugliest baby I had ever seen.  I rubbed my nose on yours welcoming you to the world and telling how much I loved you as I carried you into the nursery.

You were my first girl.  I had never felt and instant love and attachment like that before. I just wanted to protect you from any bad things ever happening to you. In that one second, you made me realize how bad I treated the girls when I was still in school. I never wanted anyone to treat you like that. I wrapped you in my arms and never wanted to let you go.  It was absolutely the best day I’ve ever had.

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