In America, the American Government separates children from their parents everyday

Yes you read that right.   In America, the American government separates children from their parents everyday. If you don’t believe this statement, go to any courthouse in any county in America. Sit there for one day and see for yourself.  This is, of course, done by the American Government and Judicial system.  The Department of Family Services was once known as the Department of Social Services. And they take children away from their families everyday and place them in Foster Care.

Why is this done you ask?  Well, the department of family services has said these people are unfit parents.  Or the parents were doing illegal activities, usually to support the family, and will be, or are in prison. So why are Americans up in arms and screaming about the border patrol separating children from their families at the border?

Now I know what you are saying.  Your saying, “Sure that happens in America but those people are criminals, or drug addicts, or too poor to care for their children.  Those children deserve to be taken away from them.  It is in their best interest. Well, the last time I looked, it was against the law to come to a country without a visa. Unless you are seeking refuge from political or religious persecution you need a visa to enter another country. There is no war in Mexico or South America.  There is no religious persecution coming from latin countries.

All of these people are coming to try to flee poverty and get away from The latin Gangs. Instead, they bring poverty with them and the gang members come with them, setting up shop in our country. In any country around the world, if you get caught living without a valid visa, you will go to jail and you will be deported. Usually with the stipulation that you can not re-enter that country for next two to four years.

So why do you care more about the people living illegally in our country that we do our own citizens?  Why are we willing to destroy American families and arrest American citizens and then allow cities to let violent criminals go because they are illegal immigrants? Most of these criminals will go on to commit more crimes, including raping and killing American Citizens.

I’ve thought about this a lot over the past few weeks. I read an article about Peter Fonda. He was apologizing for tweeting something horrible about Trump because of the border children.I don’t think any one read it but he wanted to be sure to make the news.  You remember Peter Fonda.  His father was Henry Fonda.  Henry Fonda was one of the greatest actors Hollywood has ever known.  He also has a sister named Jane Fonda.  Jane Fonda sided with the north Vietnamese during the Viet nam war. She even gave shows and support to one of Americas enemies at the time.

Peter has had one decent movie appearance in his entire career and that was Easy Rider.  Unfortunately for him, his acting was over shadowed by both Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson.  Are all of these people actually making noise about this so they can get their 15 minutes of fame? Do they just hate Donald trump for keeping his campaign promises or do they truly care about these children?

If they truly care about the children, I wish they would do more to try to clean up America.  Lets stop American children from living the horror of not having a father or mother or both because they have been deemed bad parents by the system.  Lets stop homelessness from our American children and let stop American children from going to bed hungry.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get your 15 minutes of fame for the right reasons? Not just because you believe you are special enough to turn a blind eye to America’s problems and humanitarian enough to take care of the rest of the world?

So before we worry about the thorn in the eye of the rest of the world, why don’t we take out the log from our own?

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