On the Day You Were Born

It’s January.  Another new day and another new year. It’s also a time to start celebrating birthdays again.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am the proud father of 4 very beautiful children. I’m a proud father. I’m not a good father. By the same token, I was not a good husband. My Children are from three different ladies.  I was married and divorced to all of them except for my current wife who is the mother of my youngest child.

First is Shayne and he is my only boy.  He will turn 26 this year and is the oldest. Areille is my oldest daughter and she will turn 25 this year. Shayne and Arielle are from the same mother. Next is Sarah. She is my second daughter and will turn 19 this year. (Yay, no more child support)  She is from a different lady than Shayne and Arielle and honestly has had a harder life than any of them.  Finally, there  is Caitlin.  She is my baby and is from my current wife whom I met in China.  She will be 5 this year and is an adorable little half blood baby. She’s my last chance to be the father I wish I could have been to all of them. At the age of 56 I’m afraid I’ll fail again and I pray everyday that I won’t.

The days they were born were the happiest days of my life. Additionally, the memories of them being born are the best memories I have.  Because of this, I feel one of the best gifts I can give them are the events of the day they were born. Consequently, I’ve decided that the best way to do this is to post them on their birthdays. The saddest part is I’m not sure if they will ever read this. Nor do I think they will ever know how much they mean to me.

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