I have been reading a lot of new from back home lately and have really been giving all of this freedom stuff and government structures a lot of thought lately.  For the record, I have lived in China for a year now.  The job that I do involves talking to approximately 20 Chinese couples a day and I work 6 days a week. This would equal approximately 6000 Chinese couples that I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know if only for short periods of time.   I am the only foreigner in the office where I work and have about 50 employees around me that are all Chinese.  I have my own personal translator in order to communicate with them.

The reason I  decided to write this is because I was reading a news article.  During a visit to China by Joe Biden the Chinese government felt it necessary to detain six Chinese farmers. It never said what Mister Biden could have done for them but someone didn’t want them to see him.  I love reading the comments on stories like this.  Keeps me abreast with the way American mentality is working and how Americans are thinking.  The majority of the comments seemed to play on the idea of, “damn communist’s, who do they think they are violating human rights in such a profane fashion?”

Meanwhile, yesterday I was reading about an American woman, who is a housewife. She, as well as two other passengers, were humiliated and brutally removed from a plane on the anniversary of 911. They were also detained and strip searched. It seems the two gentleman sitting with her, that she did not know, spent to much time in the bathroom.  Not sure what the strip search included but the thoughts of cavity search do come to mind.  Hope the BM was successful.

Again I love reading the comments and the theme of those were, “Yes, America the greatest country in the world!  Who the hell does this Arab, Jewish woman think she is flying on 9/11 and who the hell are these men to defile the sanctity of the “white bathrooms” on our planes?  They got what they deserved. If we treated all passengers like this maybe we could stem the tide of terrorism!” Others included:  “Well that’s what happens when you’re making sure we’re safe. An isolated incident such as this is bound to happen”.  So here’s the bad news. The news reported that fifty such incidents happened that day.  I wonder if you would say that if it happened to you.  Give it time and it could be.

What the hell is wrong with you people?  Has American propaganda really been that effective on you?  Do you really believe that Osama Bin Laden started his holy jihad against American believing that they could win on shear strength or do you believe that the plan was to exhaust America, just as anyone would do who is fighting a much bigger foe, and then use the egotism of the individual to drain all the power economic or otherwise from him in order to defeat him?

Did you ever see the movie where the aliens started the fear in a neighborhood and then sat back and watched as they went crazy and killed each other?  No, I don’t think that we have much to worry about from the Chinese, I think while we divert our attention to a country like the Chinese, the Taliban will see their opportunity and finally bring us to our knees.  Think their plan has been working?

So what are governments and what exactly makes them different?  Well in the simplest of forms, a government is nothing more than a business with many sub businesses paying the main business to keep it going.  We call this a tax system or protection.  So, while America is struggling with how to keep their business of 300 million employees operational and keep the bad elements out, China struggles with the same challenges only on a scale that is 5 times larger.  How do you do that?  Well America chooses to put the majority of its citizens in jail in order to isolate them and to give more revenue to the system, while making it impossible for them to find lucrative employment and puts a burden on the family.

China controls their people as well, but more in a protective way and it is evident in the fact that when you talk to someone you quickly find that a 30 year old in China is the equivalent of a 24 year old in America.  Is this a bad thing or is it actually a good thing to let them live the life of a child a little longer and keep them away from the bad elements of the world?  Unfortunately this is rapidly changing with the internet and the slow infuse of the western culture. Its evident the younger generation is embracing American culture. You can see it in the clothes they wear and the attitudes they have.

So what exactly are the freedoms we get to enjoy in America that the rest of the world doesn’t? If the truth be known, there are more freedoms in other countries than there are in America. However the ones that we as Americans seem to embrace the most are as follows.

1.  Freedom of speech.  Yes we can talk bad about our government if we choose, well unless you decide to threaten America or the president or an elected official.  Then see how much freedom of speech you have.

And while we are on this subject, have any of our leaders ever been tried for war crimes? Even if they killed thousands of innocent people in the quest for our freedom?  No but it does seem to be our favorite thing to do to other leaders.

Freedom of speech also gave us American media.  What I consider to be one of the biggest evils in the world today.  What started out as a way to keep the American people informed of the going ons in the world turned into a way of destroying anyone in the public eye we might be jealous of.  I don’t care what you did Tiger Woods. I still believe you’re one of the greatest athletes the world has ever known. With America pushing sex down your throat from cradle to grave, how in the world could you not be tempted?

And speaking of that, Freedom of speech does allow our children to access unlimited porn on the internet with a click of the button. It also allows movies like faces of death to be made so our children can be more and more immune to what the realities of these things are.  It teaches them that using four letter words after every statement is not only good but necessary.  And it teaches them that being a bad guy is not only cool and a way to be famous, but it has a great soundtrack to go with it.

2. The Right to bear arms.  “You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand”.   Well unless the government thinks your hoarding guns for the use of over throwing the system as we know it.  Can anyone say David Koresh? I have to admit, I have been around guns all of my life. It was nice to live in a country where we could kill birds and squirrels when we wanted.  It was a very interesting way to learn the dangers of such a powerful weapon. But that was a different time.  However, we would never have taken a gun to school or a mall or a restaurant. We never thought of becoming famous by opening fire on innocent people.

How many crimes like this occur a day in America?  Think of how many kids die when they find Dad’s loaded gun and it accidentally goes off?  How many drive by shootings occur every day in the major cities in America?  How many murders are committed from a gun  that’s stolen from a regular citizen? Or from any gun for that matter?  How many people die every day by standing in the wrong place at the wrong time? Yes the right to bear arms and defend ourselves is a wonderful thing.  Providing you’re taught how to use them and shown the damage they can inflict.  Without this knowledge, and most Americans don’t have it, it makes America one of the most dangerous places in the world to live.

3. Freedom of Religion.  Now this one I do agree with but it goes for all religions.  I don’t know if any one has lived in a Muslim community or known many Muslim people, but they are actually very good people. They have more commitment to their faith than most westerners have to anything.  Let’s face it; there are radical Christians that kill in the name of Jesus just as there are radical Muslims that kill in the name of Allah.  Just because someone is Muslim it doesn’t mean they are Taliban or bad people!  And just for the record you can find Buddhist temples, Muslim temples, and Christian churches in China as well as Thailand, Mexico and pretty much any where you go.

4. A government by the people for the people of the people.  Two words.  Not Happening.

5. All men are created equal.  To steal a line from Charlton Heston in the planet of the apes. “It seems some men are created more equal than others!”

Any others you can think of that you don’t have in the rest of the world?  Not really, and these are the ones that they talk about when they say “we are fighting this war and killing our children for your freedoms.”

Well I really wanted to talk more about China and of Thailand and other countries here but it seems that my space is up for this blog.  Three pages is all that I will allow myself.  So I will try to do a part two to this as soon as I can so keep an eye open for Freedom Part 2.  In the mean time, check out all you need to know about Timeshare and the timeshare industry at

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