More Aliens

So after my post last week I started wondering. Could this all be my imagination?  Was I just seeing things that weren’t there?  Was my mind just playing tricks on me?

Then I was walking to work.  Still in Shanghai.  Still walking down Dalian Road. When I found this.  Almost as if it was placed there by extraterrestrial beings to let me know that what I thought was real.

At first glimpse it looks like a building.  Possibly a muslim temple, possibly a grand mansion.  Of this one can not be certain.  If you look up to the right you will see what appears to be a sun shining down upon the structure.  But what is that above it?  A while light with a red dot in the middle of it.  Could that be an alien space craft?  Could it be a sign that ancient aliens did visit this street and explain to these people how to build the metal door that would raise and lower at there will?  Possible leading to a portal that would bring them back and forth to their home planet?

I say yes.  After all, only extraterrestrial beings could have such an advanced knowledge on how to cover a whole in a building.  Only a sophisticated being could do it with such class.  Ancient aliens could use such an advanced material as a metal that rolls up.  Only they would know how to cover an entrance with something that is obviously so easy to allow access in and out only when the owner was there and ready for customers to come in.

Thank you again “Ancient Aliens” for giving me the tools I need to recognize the signs of extraterrestrial beings that have visited us for the past thousand if not hundreds of thousands of years.


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