An Introduction

Timeshare Alley Logo - Many old trucks like this roam the streets of lili, China.

Timeshare Alley Logo – LILI, China

Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of the Timeshare Alley travel and tourism blog.  I’ve been traveling the world for the past eleven years and have lived in America, Mexico, Thailand, China, and Australia. I’m presently living in China.

I’ve been able to accomplish this feat by working in the timeshare industry. I was first introduced to timeshare in 1980 and it’s been my career ever since.

I’ll be sharing some of the stories and experiences I’ve had living and working in these countries. If you decide to visit them, I’ll try to shed a little light on the cultural differences and give you some things to be aware of, so your vacation is the best it can be. Being a writer and author of two books as well as writing sales training for multiple companies, there might even be a few surprises along the way.

I’ll also be sharing stories of some of the companies I’ve worked for along the way. These companies include Wyndham, Hilton, and many small and large companies around the world. This will give you some insight as to what this industry is and how it operates from the inside.

We hope you enjoy this blog and take your time reading what we have to offer. Some of the stories will be told from a humorous side while most will be about places you can visit.  Still, others will be of resorts you have the opportunities to stay in or the things you can do once you’re there.

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