Shanghai Aliens

This is a picture from Shanghai, China.  It is from Dalian Road. I walked this road every day for over a year to get from my home to work.  I never paid it much attention until tonight.  The moon was full and something just seemed different to me.  If you look closely, you will see the campers on the bottom looking like they are building a fire.  The little girl seems to be adding stick to the soon to be fire while the boy lays on his stomach watching her.

But what is that above them?  At first I thought it was just a guy picking up trash. But upon closer investigation, you can see what appears to be air tanks on his back.  There’s a hose coming from the air hoses and it appears that he is wearing a helmet and some kind of suit. It looks very similar to a modern day astronaut.  But why is it in a picture of two campers?

I believe its a message.  A message that is trying to tell us that Ancient aliens came down on this very spot to tech these people the proper way to build a rolling metal wall.  A wall that can move up and down, possibly concealing a portal to their home planet.

I believe this can be considered proof that the theories the television show “Ancient Aliens” proposes is indeed true. Aliens did in fact come to our planet giving us every idea and every scientific discovery ever invented. We all know it is impossible for the human race to come up with any of the ideas we have without first being taught by a group of aliens.

Thank you “Ancient Aliens” for bringing this, one of our greatest secrets of our history to light and allowing me to give the proof that we all needed.

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